HVDC 联网的海上风电场的交流和直流故障穿越技术


【讲座题目】HVDC 联网的海上风电场的交流和直流故障穿越技术

【讲座时间】2019年4月2日(星期二) 上午10:00-12:00

【讲座地点】保定校区教一楼 217

【主 讲 人】徐烈  斯特莱斯克莱德大学教授      


Professor Lie Xu is currently Professor of Electrical Power Engineering at the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde, UK, and heads the Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Conversion (PEDEC) research group. He is an editor of the IEEE Trans. Energy Conversion, IEEE Trans. Power Delivery, and IET Renewable Power Generation. Prof. Xu graduated from Zhejiang University and received his PhD degree from University of Sheffield, UK in 2000. He started his career with ALSTOM T&D developing VSC based HVDC systems. His main research interests include: AC/DC microgrid, high voltage/power converters, control and protection of HVDC system and DC grid, grid integration of wind farms, and the use of power electronics in active distribution networks.


Cost effective and reliable integration of large offshore wind farms is one of the main challenges facing the development of offshore renewable energy. For large offshore wind farms over long distance, HVDC is the only viable technology that can be used. This presentation first introduces different offshore HVDC converter technologies, e.g. MMC and diode rectifier (DR), and outlines the design and control requirements for the offshore wind farms and HVDC converters. Different characteristics between offshore MMC and DR will be highlighted. System operation during onshore / offshore AC faults and DC fault will be discussed to illustrate the behaviors of the HVDC and offshore wind farm system, and improved converter controls will be explored for satisfactory AC and DC fault ride through.

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